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Computer Vision Analysis

As our dependence on computers is increasing, so is the problem of eye fatigue related to working at the computer terminal. Currently over 150 million Americans work on a computer each day and roughly 75% of them are experiencing eyestrain or Computer Vision Syndrome. The symptoms include blurred vision, loss of focus, double vision, headaches, burning or tired eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. Some symptoms of CVS may simply be eliminated by taking "visual" breaks during work, adjusting the position of the monitor, adjusting the lighting conditions at the office, manipulating monitor settings or maintaining proper posture. In some cases, computer prescription glasses in either single vision or multi-focal form can be utilized to substantially reduce strain while working at the computer. This will certainly contribute to greater worker productivity and accuracy. If you feel that your eyes exhibit the symptoms mentioned above and would like to discuss ways to reduce or eliminate the eye strain, please inform us of this intent at the time of the visit and we will place an emphasis on this during the testing of your eyes. We have an instrument that can quantitatively measure the ideal prescription necessary for comfortable focus of the eyes specifically during computer usage

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